26 April 2018

Photo Workshop - Day 2

The photo workshop was just as active today as the day before. We mostly saw familiar faces, but new people showed interest as well. Many of them decided to try out new things on their own and combined the lights and settings for photos in many creative ways.


"I tried modelling for the first time because I was curious how it works. I liked it a lot, but it was a bit complicated because I was not sure what to do and the photographers were not really giving me instructions." (Filip Antoni, UAD)

"It was really awesome, a new adventure for everyone. I've done modeling before, though I'm not a professional, and it gives you an idea about modeling as a photographer too. Despite the large number of people, we could still work in a familiar vibe. I didn't know the other models but it was really easy to connect with them. The studio was professionally equipped, lots of people running around, helping us dress in designer clothes. The only problem was the lack of communication between photographers and the models. Photographers should open up and talk more to us." (Krisztina Mihálydeák, Sapientia University)

"Yesterday the professor presented us with an enthusiastic lecture and we immediately jumped right into the action. I've learnt a lot than I could have during classes. The second day was cooler, because there were fewer people. I will come next year too, for sure!" (1st year student, Sapientia University)

"I think there were too many people, I personally didn't really liked the models either. I've learned a lot of things, especially about the lights and lenses. They don't teach us these things at my university yet, so I wanted to try it out." (1st year student, Babes-Bolyai University)

"The workshop lived up to my expectations, I really wanted to try studio photography, especially working with lights and models." (2nd year student, Babes-Bolyai University)

 Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2Photo Workshop - Day 2