26 April 2018

Photo workshop


25-26 november, FFest 2014


Location: Sapientia University, Address: Calea Turzii Street no.4, Cluj-Napoca

Duration: 4 hours workshops daily, 25 – 26 november, with pre-registration.

Workshop coordinators: Lector Univ. Dr. Istvan Feleki – UBB

Asistent Univ. Dr. Daria Ioan – UBB

Asistent Univ. Dr. Andrei Budescu – UAD

Dr. Mira Marincaș - Sapientia

Dr.  Ștefan Bădulescu –guest


Fashion InLight

We all want to be special. Unique clothings, different lights spots, attitude and a lot of originality. Now you have the oportunity to try a fashion photo workshop in which you can experiment spectacular clothes, unconventional materials, studio lights and equipment, technical assistence provided by the workshop coordinators. The workshop is a mean to submit your photos in the FFest 2014 Photo Contest – InLight.

The jury of the photo contest is composed out of the workshop coordinators. There will be decerned 3 prizes. All the participants in the workshops can submit fashion photos. An exhibition with the best works will be presented during the festival.

 Photo workshop