26 April 2018
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Organising institutions

Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca,Organising institutions
Faculty of Theatre and Television

Department of Photography, Cinematography, Media
Head of Department: Doru Pop, PhD, assistant professor
e-mail: dorupop@hotmail.com
4, M. Kogălniceanu st, Cluj-Napoca

Sapientia University, Cluj Napoca,
Faculty of Sciences and Arts
Organising institutions
Department of Media
Chief Registrar: Szenkovics Dezső
e-mail: szenkovics@sapientia.ro
4 Turzii st, Cluj-Napoca

University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Fine ArtsOrganising institutions
Department of Photo, Video and Computer Image Processing
Moritz Eugen, PhD, assistant professor
31 Unirii Sq, Cluj-Napoca

Szenkovics Dezső – director of the festival
Moritz Eugen – public and media relations
Tóth Orsolya – organizer (tothorsolya@sapientia.ro)