26 April 2018

Masterclass with Tudor Giurgiu

Yesterday on Tudor Giurgiu’s Masterclass we had full house. Students from all three universities attended, taking on the opportunity to ask the director any question they could think of. Tudor Giurgiu prepared a short presentation, but he mainly wanted the class to be about us, satisfying our curiosity.
Students were mostly interested in their possibilities of filmmaking in Romania, so in the first hour he explained us aspects about finding producers, support and promoters for our movies, and what chances we have as young filmmakers in the field. He also mentioned the importance of online promoting, and called it the future for beginners – since anyone can upload movies online, and it just might be their chance at being noticed.
In the second part of the class we had the opportunity to take a sneak peek at Tudor Giurgiu’s latest movie that’s still in progress. He told us about the process of getting here, how they went about it, what difficulties they encountered etc. He even showed us a few minutes long scene of the movie, and asked our opinion on it, discussing it with us as equals.
The Masterclass lasted for 2 hours, but that time passed by very quickly. The students who attended surely learnt something each!