26 April 2018
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Behind the scenes of the Fashion Photo Workshop

This year's photo workshop was organized by Mira MarincaČ™, photography teacher at Sapientia University. It wasn't her first time to organize such an event, she was also in charge of the photo workshop within FFeST two years ago, with the theme of nude photography. This year she decided to introduce photo enthusiasts to fashion photography, saying they don't get to experience it much during university years.

She also mentioned the complications that might arise during organizing, and how to solve them. She said, we always have to expect such things, and we must be fast and creative about solving them, whether it's about a model being late, in which case you have to find a temporary replacement asap, or checking that the technical aspects are all working fine.

Despite of the possible trouble, leading such a big activity is fun and rewarding, the great interest shown is also a proof of that.

She made sure to ask the opinion of students before deciding on the aspects of the workshop. She wanted it to appeal to the participants, so they get to learn from it as well as enjoy it. She said she will do the same next year too, as she already has a plan about the next workshop. But let that be a surprise for next year!

Behind the scenes of the Fashion Photo WorkshopBehind the scenes of the Fashion Photo Workshop